Recipe: Gorgeously gooey vegan chocolate brownies

Dark, gooey, fudgy brownies that you wont be able tell are vegan and low in sugar.


Recipe: Deliciously different pancakes

With pancake day just around the corner, here’s a great alternative pancake recipe that uses only three ingredients.

‘Sally’s cake’

She loves chocolate, she loves cake and it’s her birthday! What else than a chocolate loaded drip cake?

Recipe: Vegan rocky road

A vegan version of this very popular teatime treat. Nuts and dried fruit replace the marshmallows making this rich chocolaty treat slightly healthier!

Recipe: Healthy flapjacks

This healthy vegan recipe requires no added sugar and is full of goodness. A truly tasty flapjack that leaves you feeling good.

Recipe: Rocky tart

This ‘rocky tart’ is decadent, indulgent and rich yet dairy free. A rocky road and chocolate tart hybrid which is a perfect pudding for Valentine’s day.

Recipe: Valentine cupcakes

These classic cupcakes with a valentine’s twist are a perfect treat for a loved one this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Welcome to the dancing baker

Welcome to my blog! I am the dancing baker. I adore to bake but find I rarely have the time. When I do I find myself dancing around the kitchen! On my blog you will find recipes I have been trying out, recipes I have been experimenting with along with my favourite bakes.