Junior bakers in the kitchen

With love in the air, who better to help me in the kitchen today than my own Junior Bakers?

We decided to try out my new heart shaped cutters with some yummy biscuits and as it’s Valentine’s weekend, who can blame us?

I made the basic dough myself and enlisted the help of Junior Bakette to help cut out the shapes with the new cutter. We had some mixture left over so decided to make some smaller hearts too with another of my new cutters.


When it was time to decorate, Junior Baker decided to join us and opted for blue icing in addition to the white and pink icing Junior Bakette and I had already made.

I set them loose with piping bags and hundreds and thousands and here are the results…


They did a great job…but I think there might have been more hundred and thousands on the floor than on the biscuits!

I thoroughly enjoyed making and icing these biscuits. The perfect activity for a wet and miserable Sunday morning.


These light, buttery, crisp biscuits taste great and the recipe will be up on the blog soon!




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