Birthday time = cake time

Last week was a busy and exciting week in our house as our junior baker turned 9!

This meant birthday cake time and not just one cake this year, he wanted two! One cake for his actual birthday and one to share with his friends. It had been a very busy week so I must admit that I did browse the celebration cakes aisle in my local supermarket for a few seconds before I snapped out of it and moved on to the cake decorating aisle.

However it is tradition that I always make the cakes for my children’s birthdays and I really do enjoy it. Here’s a few from previous years…

For this year, my junior baker was adamant that the cake he shared with his friends would be Pokemon related but he let me choose the design for his family birthday cake. I wanted to do something a bit different with this and I’d recently seen a post on Instagram by Frances Quinn (previous winner of GBBO) where she’d made a retro sweet cake for comic relief. I thought it looked fab and so it gave me an idea to create a sweet and biscuit loaded cake. If you can’t have a sugar loaded sweet cake when you are nine, when can you?

sweets up close
sweets galore

The basis of this cake was a 5 egg victoria sandwich cake – I used the method of weighing my eggs and then using this amount of sugar, butter and flour. I sandwiched this together with jam and buttercream before coating the entire cake with buttercream before adding a mixture of golden oreos, jammie dodgers, kinder chocolate, twix, rowntree randoms and haribo. I started with the chocolate at the back, then added the biscuits and filled in the rest of the space with the haribo and random sweets. Then to finish this off I decided to made some bunting with the word ‘nine’ on it to add some height to the cake.

sweet cake
Sweet loaded birthday cake

This super sweet children’s cake was enjoyed by family including the grandparents who gave me some lovely comments about how light, soft and delicious the cake was but chose to leave many of the sweets – spoilsports!

So then it was time for the second cake… Junior Baker had some interesting and elaborate ideas for the cake but after a lot of talking, we agreed on a pokeball cake. Again, this was a victoria sandwich cake using a 4 egg recipe and sandwiched together using buttercream and jam.

jam and cream
Jam and cream – perfect partners

After I covered the cake in buttercream, I placed it in the fridge overnight so that it was sturdy ready for decorating the next morning.

To decorate this cake I used ready to roll icing in red, white and black. First I used a tape measure to work out the centre of the cake and then used string to mark the depth and the width of the cake so that I could measure this on the icing as I rolled it out. I started with the white and used a rolling pin to help lift the icing off the worktop on to the cake. Then I smoothed it over the bottom half of the cake ensuring no creases in the icing. I then repeated this with the red icing. I then used a straight ruler as a guide to cut out the black strip across the middle, using the string as my guide for rolling it out, and two different size circle cutters to cut a larger black circle and a smaller white circle. I put a tiny but of water on the back of the icing circles to ensure they stuck to the black strip. Finally, using free hand I cut out the number 9 and put this in the middle of the white circle – again using a dab of water on the back.

Pokeball cake

I was really pleased with how this worked out and it wasn’t too difficult to make at all – but don’t tell him that! He and his friends were delighted with the cake and we had a bit of fun hunting Pokemon in the spring sunshine with it!

Catching pokemon in the wild

I think I am Victoria sponged out for a while now though…

Right birthday over, time to work on some new recipes!

Thedancingbaker x


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